Colonel Devinder Kumar Sehrawat – A Leader with Perfect Qualities

Colonel Devinder Kumar Sehrawat’s incomparable work ethics and constant efforts have made him gain success in numerous fields. He is always open to unique and groundbreaking ideas and is always ready to take up challenges of all kinds. Not only this, but he never loses hope and always tries to implement his creative ideas without running after the results. He is a very kind and gentle man and is always ready to help the weaker sections of the society. His unparalleled commitment and inspirational persona have helped him greatly in achieving his goals.

The confidence level that Col Devinder Kumar Sehrawat in addition to his leadership qualities is beyond comparison. Colonel Sehrawat is a true Janta Ka Sipahi. He is very much eager to make India a relaxed and comfortable place and is always ready to put in his every effort for the well-being of the public interest. Other than this, he is also involved with the Jagrati Foundation in support of the solid waste management. Devinder Sehrawat has played a crucial role to ensure that outstanding cleanliness instrument is installed in the specific areas to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

A leader with great self-confidence, Col Devinder Sehrawat, MLA of the well-known Aam Aadmi Party boasts the unique leadership skills. His positive approach to life has helped him massively in getting the fruitful results. Right from his childhood days, patriotic feelings were seen in his approach as his father and grandparents were the main members of the armed forces. This has influenced him in a great way due to which he did his best to the Indian army.

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