Devinder Sehrawat- The skillful leader

Devinder Kumar Sehrawat is very well-known for being a true ‘Janta Ka Sipahi’.  He is giving his very best to make India a great place for all, his enthusiasm level is incomparable to say the least. Moreover, Colonel Devinder Kumar Sehrawat has also worked with the Jagrati Foundation in support of the solid waste management. Devinder made continuous efforts in order to make sure that exceptional cleanliness instrument is installed in the specific area.

Right from the days of his education, loyalty was seen in his actions, as his father and grandfather were a part of his armed forces. This is something that has inspired him as he also served in the Indian army. Col Devinder kumar sehrawat has always struggled really hard for the well being of the society, especially the deprived sections of the society for which he has done a lot and continues to do so.

With his hard work and dedication, Col Devinder Sehrawat, MLA of AAP has got a great success. His all-round qualities have helped him to be successful in numerous fields where he has tried his luck. As far as his qualifications are concerned — he was born and brought up in a very well-reputed Jat family and completed his degrees from the University of Madras and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Moreover, he has also attended IIM Ahmedabad where he was regarded as a brilliant student.

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