Get to Know the Story of Devinder Sehrawat

Colonel Sehrawat was an Aam Aadmi Party’s Lok Sabha contender having served in the army for years. Working for about more than 20 years in the army, Devinder Sehrawat decided to take up the cause of the weaker sections of society and started working for farmers issues such as land acquisition who have been victimized by unfair laws.

A brilliant IIM-Ahmedabad student, Devinder Sehrawat is a multi-faceted personality. He played various roles in his life from being a soldier, journalist, social activist, and farmer’s leader. In addition, he has been serving the nation with complete dedication. His patriotic spirit was nurtured early in his childhood with his father and grandparents also serving in the armed forc-es. He was born in a Jat family and attended the University of Madras and Jawahar Lal Nehru University and attained Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees.

There have been numerous cases when the land has been forcibly acquired by the government on the terms that they will be compensated for the same. However, this never happened. The villages today are devoid of even the basic amenities. Major efforts are required to improve the living conditions of the people residing in the villages in Delhi-NCR. The villages in Delhi have been facing this fate since Independence and furthermore have been victimized not only by unfair laws but also by developers with stakes. It is on behalf of these farmers, that Devinder Kumar Sehrawat has been taking up a hit with the government authorities at the highest levels. Through his efforts, the lives of the farmers have also come to light and we are able to see their problems. At present, farmers recognize him as a mentor and a leader across India. Backed by AAP, he intends to continue his fight to restore the honor and dignity of the neglected farmers.

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