Devinder Kumar Sehrawat – A Leader with Versatile Attributes

“God helps those who help themselves” – this particular quote aptly demonstrate the success story of Colonel Devinder Kumar Sehrawat. His incomparable work ethic to go with his constant uphill struggle has made him pull off great success in various fields. Col. Sehrawat is open to unique and ground-breaking ideas and always gives his cent percent to put them into practice. He is an extremely kind-hearted person and it can be seen in his enthusiasm to help the underprivileged section of the society. His unparalleled commitment and inspiring personality have facilitated him to a great extent in accomplishing his goals. The self-belief of Col Devinder Kumar Sehrawat on top of his leadership qualities is incomparable to say the least.

Colonel Sehrawat is widely renowned as a true ‘Janta Ka Sipahi’. He is very eager to make India a comfortable place for all and for this he is putting all his hard yards for the interest of the public. Moreover, Devinder has also done his bit with the Jagrati Foundation in favor of the solid waste management. Col. Sehrawat has played an instrumental role in making certain that the outstanding cleanliness instrument is installed in the specific area.

Apart from having the unique leadership skills, Col Devinder Sehrawat, MLA of Aam Aadmi Party has a positive outlook towards life and it has helped him massively in obtaining the productive results. From his earlier days, patriotic sentiments were something that could have been seen in his approach as his father and grandparents were the integral parts of armed forces.

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